We own a floorball club

We are raising future floorball stars from the first floorball steps - do you have a little brother or sister and you want them to have the best care and training? Salibandyclub will make sure that they really enjoy floorball.

We organize floorball camps

Do you want to improve in every aspect of floorball and train with the best? Sign up for our Salibandykemp and experience how it feels to train under the leadership of league champions and national representatives.

Online trainings

We seriously think that we want to help floorball grow and that is why we give online training tips on Instagram for free. Follow us on the networks whether you are a member of Salifamily or not and you will improve what you learn.

Salifamily has advantages

Become a member and be informed before others about what we are going to do! Over time, members will not only see premium content, but also the opportunity to influence the direction of the company - do you want to learn how? Register below, don't expect any extraordinary advertising ballast and look forward to what is to come!