What are we

Hey, Salifamily,

We reckon it’s time for us to explain who we are and why we do all this. Thank you for asking us this question so often until we realised it was time to share our story with you – what we’ve been through,  what’s happening now and what we’re planning. That will answer your question better than any text. We don’t want to be just manufacturers or just sellers. We want to be a family. We want to do amazing things for amazing people, for floorball players. We want to attract more attention to this great sport and show the world what we Czechs can accomplish. That we can change the world.

And for this exact reason we begin today with answering the question ‘who are we’ – we’re dreamers, we’re punkers, we’re crazy and we’re friends living their bromance of turning the impossible into possible, not just waiting for the change to happen but making the change. And we’ll stay this way! We don’t want to wait around for things to happen. We want to be the change ourselves, and that’s why our slogan is ‘be the change’. It all started with the Saliball but that really was just the beginning – let’s begin with helping you improve your skills so that it can be more fun for you and the spectators.

In the coming weeks we’ll let you peek behind the curtain of what, why and how we thought up in order to make floorball a professional sport as soon as possible and to make floorball players into sport starts because they really deserve it! We don’t care if it’s hard and if it costs us litres of blood, sweat and tears – this dream will come true, we won’t give up. Today we already run a floorball club where we are training the new generation and we organise floorball camps to support the current generation. We’re also setting up a foundation to help those who weren’t as fortunate as us. Even all this is just the tip of the iceberg and we can’t wait to share with you everything there is for you to understand who we are. From Moravia to other parts of the Czech Republic, from the Czech Republic to other parts of Europe, from Europe to the whole world. Come with us on the journey, it’s going to be a ride and starting from today you can expect regular reports.

Thank you for being here with us and see you soon!