Pavel Brus, the coach who is changing the game

The sporting journey to floorball

Pavel Brus has been a passionate athlete since childhood. His journey to floorball went through various sports, which provided him with a solid foundation and versatility. Ultimately, he found his true passion in floorball, quickly rising to the top. Pavel was one of the first Czechs to possess the quality to enter an international league. He played in Finland, where he earned respect for his skills and dedication to the sport (Wikipedia, open encyclopedia) (Main Page | Czech Floorball).

Floorball career and academic education

During his tenure in the Czech league, Pavel not only excelled on the field but also focused on his academic growth. He graduated from university in the field of recreology, which allowed him to better understand the principles of physical education and sports training. As a national team representative, he participated in several world championships, where he and his team won a bronze medal (Wikipedia, open encyclopedia).

Return to the czech republic and injury

After returning to the Czech Republic, his career was prematurely ended by knee injuries. This injury motivated Pavel to study physiotherapy to better understand the musculoskeletal system and maximize his recovery. After surgeries, doctors told him he would be fortunate just to walk, but Pavel refused to accept this. He delved into deep study and developed his own approaches, combining modern medicine with extensive knowledge of proper nutrition. Thanks to this, he reached better physical condition than before the injury. Today, he can hike mountains and participate in sports, with his only limitation being rapid, dynamic changes in direction, preventing his return to the field as a player (Wikipedia, open encyclopedia) (Main Page | Czech Floorball). Thus, we can say that everything we recommend is based on evidence that our methods, supplements, and everything around them produce real and significant results.

Coaching career and innovation

After ending his playing career, it was only natural that Pavel became a coach and began passing on his knowledge. He not only studied coaching but also worked on its improvement with sports psychologists and mental coaches, strongly believing in the power of the mind. This innovative approach brought a new dimension to floorball coaching. Under his leadership, players have achieved numerous titles, and Pavel himself has been named Coach of the Year four times (Wikipedia, open encyclopedia).

Revolutionary coaching methods

Pavel Brus is known for his revolutionary training methods, which will be detailed to Floorballing subscribers in a special series. As a quick introduction, his methods include:

  • Physical preparedness of individuals at the highest level.
  • Carefully composed teams based on psychological and gameplay patterns of individuals.
  • Support for player creativity to maximize their potential.
  • Ensuring players play what feels natural and enjoyable to them, making them most beneficial for the team.
  • Pavel also developed special training aids, and thanks to his talent, diligence, training, and proper guidance, his players reached the highest level in the Czech league and the national team in numbers unprecedented in the Czech Republic (Main Page | Czech Floorball).

Salibandy club and training camps

Currently, Pavel Brus leads Salibandy Club, where he applies his revolutionary training methods. The club's results improve every year, and it continues to grow with new members eager to experience this unique approach. Pavel also organizes training camps where players can experience his methods in practice. In the youth category of Salibandy Club, the primary focus is on instilling good human principles, love for movement and sports, and, finally, love for floorball. This approach has proven very successful, as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of members and significantly improving club results.


Pavel Brus is unique in his lifelong dedication to floorball. His story is an inspiration to players and coaches worldwide. His innovations in training methods and deep understanding of physiotherapy and nutrition make him an exceptional coach who truly changes the game, bringing his knowledge and the results of long-term research through equipment, training channels, his sports club, and camps.

Founder of the brand and an athlete through and through. He made his living as a professional player in both the Czech Republic and Switzerland, participated in the biggest international events as a national team member, won the Best Coach of the Year award four times in the Czech Superliga, and has prepared 32 protégés for their professional careers. During his career, he studied physiotherapy to deepen his knowledge, benefiting his passion and mission in floorball not only practically but also theoretically. An animal lover, owner of a dog-otter named Máša, and a Star Wars saga enthusiast.