Effective ways to relieve stress: Tips and strategies

Introduction to Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of life that affects everyone. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it's crucial to know how to manage it. Stress can be triggered by various factors such as sports performance pressure, work, relationships, or significant life changes. Understanding how to manage stress is essential for maintaining mental and physical health, as chronic stress can destroy a person both externally and internally.

At Salibandy, we prioritize mental and physical health as ultimate values, which is why our research focuses on comprehensive stress management, including physical training, nutrition, and mental health, all necessary for peak performance.

Immediate Tips:

  • On the Floorballing portal, you will soon find many videos discussing various forms of stress management. We will also have interviews and interactive training sessions with mental coaches, psychologists, and other experts in this field.

  • Stress is often linked to the feeling of losing control over what we could control and not knowing the impacts of potential negative outcomes. When we give 100% to an activity, there's less time to think about stress-inducing factors. Many athletes have pre-game rituals to gain control over their environment. Control relieves stress, but learning this takes time—it’s a process, and it’s okay if it doesn't come naturally at first.

  • However, stress can still happen despite our best efforts. For acute stress relief, physical activity is most commonly recommended as it triggers the release of hormones crucial for mental well-being. Intense physical activity helps detach the mind from problems. Exercise helps reduce levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

  • Stress management techniques vary for each individual. Reflect on when you feel great and learn to "center yourself," recognizing your surroundings, your identity, and your purpose, which helps with concentration. Recognizing that you are alive and healthy can significantly reduce stress.

  • Managing anxiety requires diligent mental training and self-awareness. It's a mental game where observing your feelings helps you manage them during tough times. Anxiety can lead to paralysis and inaction, which then causes bigger issues. Breaking the cycle with small actions like doing squats or singing can help create momentum. Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises can significantly reduce stress.

Increasing resilience to stress

Building mental resilience involves listening to motivational speeches by your sports idols and others who have achieved great things. Hearing their stories can help you believe in your own abilities. Pushing your limits in training can also build confidence and resilience. Gradually exposing yourself to positive extremes can make you stronger. Start small and grow into a resilient individual.

Proper nutrition improves the body's response to stress and aids recovery. Stress can hinder the body’s ability to repair itself as it prioritizes dealing with stress over muscle recovery. Supplements provide essential nutrients that support mental resilience and overall well-being. A lack of these nutrients can impair your ability to handle stress.

Techniques for stress management

Our Salibandy team finds the following techniques effective: breathing exercises, cold exposure, intense physical activity, and journaling stress triggers. Identifying stress causes helps reduce anxiety, as knowing your opponent halves the fear and stress. It's not about having 30 techniques, but finding a few that work for you.

Role of nutrition in stress management

Training occupies a small part of the day, while optimal performance combines proper recovery, training, and mental well-being. Being in the gym or on the field for a few hours means you spend the rest of the day in your head. Just as muscles need proteins, the brain needs nutrients to manage stress effectively. Understanding which substances help maintain mental well-being is crucial. Our holistic approach led us to develop supplements that support these areas significantly.

Natural ingredients for stress resistance

All our product ingredients are 100% natural, ensuring the body utilizes them fully. Key ingredients that support stress resistance include adaptogens and vitamins found in our Focus and Power products.

Focus and Power: Enhancing cognitive and physical abilities

  • Focus: Designed to improve cognitive functions and concentration, crucial for clear thinking and better stress management. It naturally promotes overall mental well-being.
  • Power: Increases physical strength and endurance and contains ingredients that boost confidence, significantly aiding stress management. It gives you the courage and determination to overcome obstacles.

Both Focus and Power were meticulously developed with top experts and tested extensively to ensure the highest quality.

Importance of mental and physical conditioning

It's well-known that optimal mental conditioning is crucial during critical moments of physical performance. This connection is even more vital in everyday life, where mental health significantly affects physical health. Chronic stress can lead to higher cortisol levels, negatively impacting both body and mind. Mental health shouldn't be underestimated. It's essential to acknowledge and address any mental discomfort, just like seeking help from coaches in sports. Ignoring mental health can undermine physical fitness.

Importance of mental well-being

Mental well-being is the foundation of everything. We believe it's better to be a happy person than a perfect player. Following your passions and listening to your heart is key to long-term satisfaction. Let your actions and words be guided by your desires, not by others' opinions. Your loved ones will be happiest when you are happy.

Maintaining mental health

Additional tips for maintaining mental health:

  • Stay Connected: Spend time with family and friends.
  • Engage in Hobbies: Dedicate time to activities you enjoy, like playing floorball.
  • Seek Help When Needed: Consult mental health professionals if stress becomes overwhelming.

Top athletes worldwide have mental coaches and psychologists, emphasizing the importance of mental health for peak performance. This is not a myth; it's reality for fighters, hockey players, footballers, and athletes who use all available means to manage their minds.

Future initiatives on mental health

On our Floorballing platform, we plan to address mental health topics, including collaborations with mental sports coaches, to provide comprehensive support to our community. Join us to stay updated and not miss out on anything.


Maximizing athletic performance is a complex process involving proper training, nutrition, recovery, and mental preparation. Products like Salibandy Focus and Power offer athletes the ideal support for achieving maximum performance. Remember, mental well-being is the foundation of overall health. Strive for happiness and fulfillment, not just perfection in sports.

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