Who we are

Salibands are not a company, product or service. Salibandy is a lifestyle. A style in which you do not call for change, but you are that change.

We are a small company, a bunch of friends, sports punks with a desire from the Czech Republic to change at least our floorball sports part of the world. We cannot compete with corporations on the amount of money we pour into everything, but corporates will not compete with us on how much heart they put into it. We are not looking for cheap solutions and abbreviations, we are uncompromisingly looking for quality. Because hard and quality work always pays off, and what we preach is what we live for. We are not flawless, but we will keep improving because that's how we enjoy it. And we promise that thanks to the passion we are soaked in, we will change the world, or at least we will try to do so to the last breath.

From products to events, from events to the community, from the community to education and development. We want to become a synonym for floorball and we chose the name accordingly. We are working to ensure that everyone who opts for this wonderful game has it in their head that there is someone they will prepare to enter the field from A to Z. Salibandy is a floorball platform that aims to create a comprehensive background for all those who want to practice in the most beautiful sport at any level, at any age and at any time of year.

For the little ones we run the Salibandyclub, for the slightly larger ones we organize Salibandycamps and for all of them we produce training aids, we shoot training videos and we plan to organize outdoor tournaments focused on the presentation of skills in the near future. Already today, through the Saliband Foundation, we help those who have not been so lucky and look forward to the time when we will proudly open the first, second, third and twentieth sports academies, which will be primarily tasked with educating great people and secondarily wonderful athletes. Steps have helped to improve the world by helping to improve its people.

The products started it all, but it doesn't end there. And that's exactly why we say we are not a company, but a lifestyle. We do not produce, we create. We do not organize, we connect.

That's why everything we come up with is different - to create, to do creative things in a new way. Salibands are simply the ones who step on the path, discover and go for it. And we would be thrilled to know that this is exactly how you perceive us and that is exactly what we inspire you to do!

We are all this and we will be even more. Every day is the first for us, because in the first days everyone has the most joy, creativity and action. This is how we enjoy it and we plan to never leave the first day. Be there with us, it will be a ride.