Development of own products

We develop all our products ourselves in cooperation with the best players in the world.

100% goods in stock

We have all our products in stock ready for immediate dispatch to you.

We deliver worldwide

We will deliver your order to more than 24 countries around the world.

Write and we will advise you

It is important to us that you know everything you need before and after the purchase.


What are we

What are we

Hey, Salifamily, we reckon it’s time for us to explain who we are and why we do all this. Thank you for asking us this question so often until we realised it was time to share our story with you – what we’ve been through, what’s happening now and what we’re planning.

We change floorball

We bring original training procedures and unique aids for everyone who wants to improve by any piece in floorball, and thus we move this whole game. We will help you with anything you need!

Training aids, training instructions and years of know-how of the holder of four coach trophies of the year. Girls, boys, anyone. Sports and lifestyle. We are here for everyone!

Salibandy family